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How to Buy?

1. Tell us what you need by the following way

2. Confirm requirements

I. Buy Trucks: We recommend the right truck based on your needs and send you a quote.

Comparative display of various Sinotruk truck models.
Key parameters of Sinotruk's dumper trucks.

II. Buy Spare Parts: We will check and confirm the parts with your chassis, and make quotation for you.

Interface of Sinotruk's spare parts quotation system.
Detailed parameters of Sinotruk's spare parts.

3. Confirmed the order, sign the contract and pay 30% deposit

Template of a supply contract for Sinotruk Group's deals.

4. Preparation and packaging

Producing and preparing trucks: Produce, test and transport trucks.

Inside the Sinotruk manufacturing plant with trucks in production.
Sinotruk trucks lining up for boarding at the shipping dock.
Sinotruk trucks being prepared for shipment.

Spare parts ready for packing: we will well pack goods in good carton or wood boxes. To prepare send by freight or container.

Interior view of Sinotruk Group's spare parts warehouse.
Packed spare parts from Sinotruk Group.
Sinotruk Group spare parts organized for packaging.

5. Shipping

-Truck delivery time depends on distance.

-Small package parts usually is sent out within one day, big quantity within 4 days.

Logistics partners collaborating with Sinotruk Group.
Global shipping operations of Sinotruk Group.

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