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Hohan N7B Tanker Truck 6×4

  • Hohan N7B Tanker Truck 6×4 – Superior Liquid Transport Solution
  • Versatile configurations: 4×2, 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 for varied transport needs.
  • Powerful engine options from 340 to 540 Ps, meeting Euro II to Euro V emissions standards.
  • Reliable and robust design, equipped with double-layer frame, Bosch/Zf steering, and high bumper.

ZZ1255N4646B1 Specification Configuration Parameter Table

Brand: Hohan Strain: N Sub-strain: N7B,N7W
Vehicle category: Medium and heavy trucks Vehicle use: trucks, tankers Drive type: 4×2,6×4,6×6,8×4
Total mass (t): 25 Overall mass (kg): 10150 Wheelbase (mm): 3250,3825,4600
Vehicle length (mm): 9945 Vehicle width (mm): 2550 Vehicle height (mm): 3150
Truck model: ZZ1255N4646B1
Engine: WP10.340E22,WD615.47,WP10.380E22,WP12.400E201,WP12.430E201 Engine power (Ps): 340,371,380,400,430,460,540 Emission level: Europe Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ,V
Cab: Hohan H77L,Hohan H78L Transmission: HW13709,HW19710,HW19712+HW70PTO,HW25712
Frame: Double layer frame (8+8/300) Front Axle: HF7,HF9,VGD71,VGD95 Front Axle (Drum) Drive Axle: HC16,ST16,AC16,MCY13BGS,MCP16ZG,MCX16ZG Dual Rear Axle(Drum)
Drive axle ratio: 3.7,3.93,4.11,4.42,4.77,5.26,5.451,5.73 Steering: Bosch,Zf Brake control system: with ABS
Bumper: High bumper (metal) Tanks/cylinders: 400L,500L,600L,700L,800L,750L+360L double tanks
Tyres: 11.00R20,12.00R20,13R22.5,315/80R22.5(mixed tread/18PR)
Other Configurations:Hohan N7B NX Truck Tanker Truck;Bulk Transport,Liquid Transport,Hohan H77L,Hohan H78L Cab,Hohan H77L,Hohan H78L Cab;WP10.340E22,WD615.47,WP10.380E22,WP12.400E201,WP12.430E201 Engine;HW13709,… HW19710,HW19712+HW70PTO,HW25712 Transmission;HF7,HF9,VGD71,VGD95 Front Axle (Drum);HC16,ST16,AC16,MCY13BGS,MCP16ZG,MCX16ZG Dual Rear Axle(Drum). Dual Rear Axle(Drum);Dual Frame(8+8/300);Front and Rear Reinforced Multi-Leaf Springs(10/12);Bosch,Zf Steering Wheel;Standard Exhaust System;w/ABS;High Bumper(Metal);Classic;Manual Rearview Mirror;Primary Airbags+Secondary Lightweight Seat;Ratios 3.7,3.93,4.11,4.42,4.77,5.26,5.451,5.73;Road Intake system; regular wheels; 11.00R20,12.00R20,13R22.5,315/80R22.5(mixed pattern)

Ripple/18PR); 400L,500L,600L,700L,800L,750L+360L Fuel Tank; Optional Reversing Buzzer; Cab Manual Lift; Cab Front and Rear Airbag Shock Absorption; Seven Function Halogen Tail Lights; Cold and Warm Air Conditioning; MP3; NANO Electrical System; Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars; Tank Volume 15,000L-45,000L, Instrument panel: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian; fire extinguisher, reversing buzzer, front and rear headlamp protectors, metal bumper protection grille.

☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!


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