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Howo 7 Dump Truck 6×4

Howo 7 Dump Truck 6×4

Introducing the HOWO 7 ZZ3257V3847B1, a formidable contender in the medium and heavy truck market.

Type: This 6×4 dump truck is driven by a potent WP12.400E201 engine, producing an impressive 400 horsepower and meeting Euro II emission standards. The robust construction includes a double-layer frame (8+8/300) and MCP16ZG dual rear axle, ensuring reliability and durability for heavy loads.

Application: Engineered for demanding environments, the HOWO 7 is perfect for pit dumping and other heavy-duty tasks. It boasts a 400L fuel tank for extended operation, reinforced multi-leaf springs for stability, and a high full-metal bumper for added safety. With its advanced Bosch steering system and ABS brakes, this truck offers precision and control, making it an ideal choice for construction sites, mining operations, and large-scale material transport.

Product Details

ZZ3257V3847B1 Specification Configuration Parameter Table

Brand: Howo Strain: 7 Substrain:7
Vehicle category: Medium and heavy
Vehicle use: Tipper,Dump Truck Drive type: 6×4
Total mass (t):25 Overall mass (kg):10100 Wheelbase (mm):3825
Vehicle length (mm):7575 Vehicle width (mm):2550 Vehicle height (mm):3125
Truck Model: ZZ3257V3847B1
Engine: WP12.400E201 engine Engine power (Ps):400 Emission level: Euro II
Cab: HW76 new front cab Transmission: HW19710 gearbox + HW50 power take-off(PTO)
Frame: Double layer frame (8+8/300) Front axle: VGD95 front axle (Drum) Drive Axle: MCP16ZG Dual Rear Axle
(Drum )
Drive axle speed ratio: 5.26 Steering gear: Bosch steering gear Brake control system: with ABS
Bumper: High bumper (full metal) Fuel tank/gas cylinder: 400L fuel tank
Tyres: 12.00R20 tyres (mixed tread/20PR)
Other Specifications: Howo 7 Dump Truck; Dumper truck; HW76 new front cab; WP12.400E201 engine; HW19710 transmission + HW50 PTO; VGD95 front axle (drum); MCP16ZG double rear axle (drum); double-decker frame (8+8/300); front and rear reinforced multi-leaf springs (10/12); Bosch Steering Wheel; Standard Exhaust System; with ABS; High Bumper (Full Metal); Main Mechanical + Secondary Lightweight Seats; Speed Ratio 5.26; Engineered Intake System (Oil Bath Filter); 12.00R20 Tyres (Mixed Tread/20PR); 400L Fuel Tank; Optional Rear Tow Hook; Fire Extinguisher; Optional Reversing Buzzer; Optional Under Vehicle Start- Stop Switch; Metal Bumpers (with Front and Rear Lamp Protective Covers) air-conditioning; intercooler protection device; English and French dashboard.
☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!

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  1. Eric (store manager)

    This Sinotruk Howo 7 6×4 dump truck ZZ3257V3847B1 is a great truck for the money, glad I bought it,thanks to Sinotruk Group.

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