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Sitrak G7s C7h Mixer Truck

Sitrak G7s C7h Mixer Truck

  • Sitrak G7s C7h Mixer Truck – Unleash Mixing Power
  • Choose from 4×2, 6×4, 6×6, and 8×4 configurations for versatile job sites.
  • Engine options ranging from 340 to 540 Ps, Euro II to Euro V emissions.
  • High bumper, double-layer frame, and luxury cab for optimal performance and comfort.

Product Details

ZZ1316V306MC1 Specifications Configuration Parameter Sheet

Brand: SITRAK Strain: G Substrain: G5,G7,G7s
Vehicle category: Medium and heavy trucks Vehicle use: Mixer trucks Drive type: 4×2,6×4,6×6,8×4
Total mass (t): 31 Overall mass (kg): 12500 Wheelbase (mm): 3025,3425,3825,4325
Vehicle length (mm): 9200 Vehicle width (mm): 2525 Vehicle height (mm): 3215
Truck model: ZZ1316V306MC1
Engine: WD615.47,WP10.380E22,WP12.400E201,WP12.430E201,MC11.43-30,MC11-54-30 Engine power (Ps): 340,371,380,400,430,460,540 Emission level: Euro II, III, IV, V
Cab: G5-M,G7-M,G7-F,C7H-M Transmission: HW19710,HW19712+HW70PTO,HW25712,ZF16S2231-TO
Frame: Double layer frame (8+8/300) Front Axle: HF7,HF9,VGD71,VGD95 Front Axle (Drum) Drive Axle: HC16,ST16,AC16,MCY13BGS,MCP16ZG,MCX16ZG Dual Rear Axle(Drum)
Drive Axle Ratio: 3.7,3.93,4.11,4.42,4.77,5.26,5.451,5.73 Steering: Bosch,ZF Brake control system: ABS(6S/6M)+ASR+EBL
Bumper: High bumper (full metal) Fuel tank/gas cylinder: 400L,500L,600L,700L,800L,750L+360L double tanks
Tires: 12.00R20,13R22.5,315/80R22.5(mixed tread/18PR)
Other Configurations:Sitrak C7h G7h G7s Mixer Truck;8~12 square; G5-M,G7-M,G7-F,C7H-M Cab;WD615.47,WP10.380E22,WP12.400E201,WP12.430E201,MC11.43-30,MC11-54-30 engine(with rear Rear Axle(Drum);HW19710,HW19712+HW70PTO,HW25712,ZF16S2231-TO;HF7,HF9,VGD71,VGD95 Front Axle (Drum);HC16,ST16,AC16,MCY13BGS,MCP16ZG,MCX16ZG Dual Rear Axle(Drum);Dual frame(8+8/300);Front and rear reinforced multi-leaf springs(11/11/12);Vertical exhaust pipe exhaust system

system;ABS(6S/6M)+ASR+EBL;High Bumper(Full Metal);Luxury Edition;Ratio 3.7,3.93,4.11,4.42,4.77,5.26,5.451,5.73;Intake System for Highway Edition;12.00R20,13R22.5,315/80R22.5(Mixed tread/20PR );400L,500L,600L,700L,800L,750L+360L Fuel Tank;Cable Pull PTO; Instrument Panel: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, MTCO1324 Tachograph, E-mark Certified General Requirements, Speed Limit 90km/h, Complete Front Lower Protection, E-mark Certified Seat Belt, Intercooler Protection Grill Engine guard, Islinghuatai primary and secondary seats, ZF maintenance-free tie rods, on-board Bluetooth, stainless steel first step, front wheel bolt protectors and caps, brake master valve, drier, running and parking relays with muffler, Sanden compressor (Singapore), black fuel line, tire pressure monitoring (all-wheel position), four-way camera, MAN structural headlight protectors.

☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!


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