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Privacy Policy


Briefly introduce the purpose of the privacy policy and the commitment to protect personal information.

Information Collection

Detail the types of personal information collected (e.g., names, contact details, email addresses) and the methods of collection (e.g., through inquiry forms or contact pop-ups).

Use of Information

Explain how the collected information is used, such as responding to inquiries, improving services, website maintenance, or other business-related purposes.

Information Protection

Describe measures taken to protect user information from unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse.

Third-Party Disclosure

Clarify whether any information is shared with third parties. If not, state that user information is not shared.


State that by using the website, users consent to the privacy policy.

Policy Updates

Notify users that the privacy policy may be updated periodically and how they can view these updates.

Use of Cookies

Explain how the website uses cookies (e.g., tracking website usage, saving user preferences).

User Control

Inform users how they can manage their cookie settings (e.g., through browser settings).

Third-Party Cookies

If third-party services (like analytics tools) are used, mention that these services may employ cookies.

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