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Sitrak G7 Dump Truck 6×4

Sitrak G7 Dump Truck 6×4

  • Powerful and Versatile: Sitrak G7 Dump Truck 6×4 designed for heavy-duty hauling and transportation.
  • Efficient Performance: Equipped with MC11.39-30 Engine and ZF16S2230 TO Transmission for optimal efficiency.
  • Robust Build: Double-layer frame, self-aligning arm axles, and high metal bumper ensure durability in challenging conditions.

Product Details

ZZ1256V464MC1 specification configuration parameter table

Brand: Sitrak Strain: G Substrain: G7
Vehicle category: Medium and heavy trucks Vehicle use: Truck, cargo Drive type: 6×4
Total mass (t): 25 Overall mass (kg): 10000 Wheelbase (mm): 4625
Vehicle length (mm): 9775 Vehicle width (mm): 2525 Vehicle height (mm): 3035
Configuration number: ZZ1256V464MC1
Engine: MC11.39-30 engine Engine power (Ps): 390 Emission level: Euro III
Cab: G7-M cab Transmission: ZF16S2230 TO gearbox + NH/1b flange pickup
Frame: Double layer frame (8+8/300) Front axle: VGD95 self-aligning arm front axle (drum type) Drive Axle: MCP16ZG Self-aligning Arm Dual Rear Axle (Drum)
Drive axle speed ratio: 4.77 speed ratio Steering gear: Bosch Steering Gear Brake control system: ABS (4S/4M)
Bumper: High bumper (full metal) Fuel tank/gas cylinder: 400L fuel tank
Tyres: 315/80R22.5 tyres (mixed pattern/18PR)
Other Configurations: Sitrak G7 Tanker Truck; Sprinkler Truck, Fuel Truck; G7-M Cab; MC11.39-30 Engine; ZF16S2230 TO Transmission + NH/1b Flange Pickup; VGD95 Self-aligning Arm Front Axle (Drum); MCP16ZG Self-aligning Arm Dual Rear Axle (Drum); Dual Deck Frame (8+8/300); VGD95 Self-aligning Arm Front Axle (Drum); MCP16ZG Self-aligning Arm Dual Rear Axle (Drum); Dual Decker Frame (8+8/300). Front and rear reinforced multi-leaf springs (10/12); Bosch steering wheel; standard version exhaust system; ABS (4S/4M); high level bumper (full metal); speed ratio 4.77; engineered air intake system (oil-bath filter); normal wheels; 315/80R22.5 tyres (mixed tread/18PR); 400L fuel tank; English \French language instrumentation, GCC certification, Engine guard, whole vehicle front lower protection, cab cancelled rear window, SANDEN Singapore air-conditioning compressor, headlamp protection cover;.
☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!


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