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Sitrak G7s Tractor 6×4

Sitrak G7s Tractor 6×4

Introducing the SITRAK G7S ZZ4256V384HC1B, a state-of-the-art tractor in the medium and heavy truck category.

Type: This 6×4 tractor is equipped with a powerful MC13.54-30 engine, delivering a remarkable 540 horsepower. Complying with Euro III emission standards, it combines environmental responsibility with performance. The truck features a G7S-E cab, a high-tech ZF12TX2621 TD gearbox with hydrodynamic retarder, and a TGA technical frame, emphasizing its technical sophistication.

Application: Perfectly suited for both industrial and everyday goods transport, the ZZ4256V384HC1B stands out with its dual fuel tanks (1000L + 500L), ensuring extended range and efficiency. The advanced Bosch steering gear, EBS+ESC brake control system, and dual rear axle with disc brakes offer enhanced safety and control. Its luxury features, including an on-board refrigerator and Bluetooth, provide unparalleled comfort and convenience for long-haul journeys.

Product Details

ZZ4256V384HC1B specification configuration parameter table

Brand: SITRAK Strain: G Substrain: G7S
Vehicle category: Medium and heavy
Vehicle use: Tractor Drive type: 6×4
Total mass (t):25 Overall mass (kg):0 Wheelbase (mm):3800
Vehicle length (mm):0 Vehicle width (mm):0 Vehicle height (mm):0
Truck Model: ZZ4256V384HC1B
Engine: MC13.54-30 engine Engine power (Ps):540 Emission level: Euro III
Cab: G7S-E cab Transmission: ZF12TX2621 TD gearbox (with hydrodynamic retarder) + NH/1b
flanged pick up
Frame: TGA technical frame Front axle: VPD71DS front axle (disc) Drive Axle: MCY13BES Dual Rear Axle
Drive axle speed ratio: 3.08 speed
Steering gear: Bosch steering gear Brake control system: EBS+ESC
Bumper: low bumper (non-metallic) Fuel tank/gas cylinder: 1000L + 500L
double fuel tanks
Tyres: 315/80R22.5 tyres (front longitudinal pattern/rear block pattern/18PR)
Other Specifications: Sitrak G7S Tractor;Industrial and Daily Goods Transport;G7S-E cab;MC13.54-30 engine;ZF12TX2621  TD transmission (with hydrodynamic retarder) + NH/1b  flanged pickup;VPD71DS front axle (disc);MCY13BES double rear axle (disc);TGA technical frame;front less rear air Suspension(3/-/-);Bosch steering; Standard   Exhaust   System;EBS+ESC;Low   Bumper(Non-Metallic);Luxury;None;Speed   Ratio   3.08;Road   Intake System(Dual  Stage  Air  Filter);Aluminum  Wheels(Domestic);315/80R22.5  Tyres(Front  Longitudinal  Tread/Rear Block  Tread/18PR);90#  JOST Saddle;Integral  wings;  1000L  +  500L  dual  fuel  tank;  optional  SmartTone  C  wiring harness    and    bracket;    four-way    camera;    independent    heater;    optional    E-mark    certification    general requirements;  optional  rear  towing  hitch;  parking  air  conditioning;  on-board  refrigerator;  English,  French instrumentation; primary and secondary seatbelt alarms; ISLING HUATAI seats; on-board Bluetooth; aluminium alloy first class step; front wheel bolts protectors and protectors; braking  Master valve, dryer, travelling relay valve and parking relay valve with muffler; with Cummins long-lasting electric fuel filter; Sanden compressor from Singapore; double-layer corrugated pipes for the whole wiring harness; black fuel pipe;
240AH battery; cab front cover with gold-coloured logo.
☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!

1 review for Sitrak G7s Tractor 6×4

  1. Jason (store manager)

    Sitrak G7s is a high end truck from Sinotruk Group with MAN engine and ZF transmission, the trucks are very good quality, I have 1,030,000 kilometers on mine!

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