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Howo AWD Tractor 6×6

Howo AWD Tractor 6×6

Introducing the robust HOWO ZZ2257V4657B1, a versatile and powerful all-wheel drive truck designed for heavy-duty tasks since its introduction.

Type: The truck boasts a dynamic 6×6 drive configuration, powered by a formidable WP12.400E201 engine that delivers a substantial 400 PS horsepower, suitable for a variety of demanding operations. With a total mass of 25,000 kg and equipped with a Euro II emission level, it is an environmentally conscious choice without compromising on power.

Application: Ideal for transporting a wide range of cargo, from construction materials to general freight, the ZZ2257V4657B1 excels in challenging environments, thanks to its durable double-layer frame, STR front steering drive axle, and ST16 dual rear drive axle. Its 400L iron fuel tank and 12.00R20 tyres ensure long-range capability and durability, making it a reliable partner for both long and short hauls.

Product Details

ZZ2257V4657B1 Specification Configuration Parameter Table

Brand: HOWO (AWD) Strain: HOWO (all-wheel drive) Sub-strain: HOWO (AWD)
Vehicle category: All-wheel drive
trucks(AWD Trucks)
Vehicle use: Tractor, Cargo Drive type: 4×4, 6×6
Total mass (t):25000 Overall mass (kg):10600 Wheelbase (mm):4600
Vehicle length (mm):10092 Vehicle width (mm):2520 Vehicle height (mm):3270
Truck model: ZZ2257V4657B1
Engine: WP12.400E201 engine Engine power (Ps):400 Emission level: Euro II
Cab: HW76 Cab Transmission: HW19710C Transmission
Frame: Double layer frame (8+5/300) Front axle: STR front steering drive axle Drive axle: ST16 dual rear drive axle
Drive axle speed ratio: 5.73 speed
Steering gear: 8118 Zf steering gear Brake control system: with ABS
Bumper: Standard bumper (metal) Fuel tank/gas cylinder: 400L iron fuel tank
Tyres: 12.00R20 tyres (engineering lateral/18PR)
Other Specifications: HOWO (all-wheel drive) tractor; HOWO (AWD) tractor truck; heavy-duty transport (truck); HW76 new front cab; WP12.400E201 engine machine; HW19710C gearbox; ST16 double rear axle (drum); double- deck frame (8+5/300); front and rear reinforced multi-leaf springs (9/12); STR front steering drive axle; 8118 Zf steering gearbox; with ABS; standard bumper (metal); speed ratio 5.73; 12.00R20 tyres (engineering lateral/18PR); ZQC2000; 400L iron fuel tank; main mechanical + secondary lightweight seats; standard version intake system; standard version exhaust system; intercooler protection device; mechanical power switch; cab manual lift; heating and cooling air conditioning; front wheel covers.
☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!

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  1. Ousmane (store manager)

    All-wheel drive trucks are ideal for use in poor road conditions thanks to Sinotruk Group

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