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Howo T7h-T7s Tractor 6×4

Howo T7h-T7s Tractor 6×4

Since 2012, the HOWO T7H T7S series offers new and used tractors in various models and years, tailored for diverse transport needs.
Type: Featuring 4×2 to 8×4 configurations and 371-430 PS horsepower, this series includes models like HOWO-T7H-T7S, N7, NX, MAX, SITRAK, and HOHAN, suitable for standard to mining operations. With #90 or #50 saddles, they’re adaptable to various trailer types.
Application: Designed for long and short hauls, these tractors excel in transporting heavy-duty cargo, bulk goods, containers, and materials such as cement, food, and petroleum.

Product Details

ZZ4257V384HB1,ZZ4257V384HC1 specification configuration parameter table

Brand: HOWO Strain:T Substrain: T7H,T7S
Vehicle category: Medium and
heavy trucks
Vehicle use: Tractor-trailer Drive type: 4×2, 6×4,6×6,8×4
Total mass (t):25 Overall mass (kg):9800 Wheelbase (mm):3400,3800,3825
Vehicle length (mm):7465 Vehicle width (mm):2550 Vehicle height (mm):3230
Truck model: ZZ4257V384HB1,ZZ4257V384HC1
Engine: WP10.380E2,WP12.400E201,WP12.4
Engine power (Ps): 371,380,400,430,460,540 Emission level: Europe Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅳ,Ⅴ
Cab: T7H-P,T7H-G,T7H-W,T7S-P Transmission: HW19710,HW19712+HW70PTO,HW25712,ZF16S2231-TO
Frame: partial triple frame (8+8+8/300) Front Axle: HF9,VGD71,VGD95 Front Axle (Drum) Drive Axle: HC16,ST16,MCY13BGS,MCP16ZG,
MCX16ZG Dual Rear Axle(Drum)
Drive Axle Ratio: 3.7,3.93,4.11,4.42,4.77,5.26,5.451,5
Steering gear: BOCSH steering gear Brake control system: ABS (4S/4M)
Bumper: High Bumper (3-part) Fuel tank/gas cylinder: 400L,500L,600L,700L,800L,750L+360
L double tanks
Tires: 12.00R20,13R22.5,315/80R22.5(mixed tread/18PR)
Other Configurations:HOWO T7H T7S Tractor;Heavy Duty Transportation;T7H-P,T7H-G,T7H-W,T7S- Cab;WP10.380E2,WP12.400E201,WP12.430E201,MC11.43-30,MC11-54-30 Engine;HW19710,HW19712+ HW70PTO,HW25712,ZF16S2231-TO Transmission;HF9,VGD71,VGD95 Front Axle
(Drum);HC16,ST16,MCY13BGS,MCP16ZG,MCX16ZG Dual Rear Axle(Drum);Partial triple frame(8+8+8/ 300);Reinforced Front and Rear Multi-Leaf Springs(9/12);BOCSH Steering Wheel;Standard Exhaust System;ABS(4S/4M);High Bumper(Triple);Main Mechanical+Sub Lightweight Seat;Ratios 3.7,3.93,4.11,4.42,4.77,5.26,5.451,5.73;Engineered Intake System(Oil Bath Filter);Ratio 3.7,3.93,4.11,4.42,4.77,5.26,5.451,5.73. Reinforced wheels;12.00R20,13R22.5,315/80R22.5(mixed
tread/18PR);50#,90# Hercules saddle;Split fenders;400L,500L,600L,700L,800L,750L+360L dual fuel tanks;Fire extinguisher;Optionally, reversing beeper;Cab manual lift. Front spring and rear airbag cab suspension; heating and cooling air conditioning; intercooler protection device; English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian instrumentation.
☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!

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  1. Sipho Nkosi

    I recently had the opportunity to use the HOWO-T7H-T7S Tractor for a major hauling project, and I must say, it’s an exceptional semi truck tractor. The power and stability it offers, even when fully loaded, is remarkable. It’s clearly designed for heavy-duty tasks, and I was impressed with its performance on long hauls.

  2. Eduardo

    O Trator HOWO-T7H-T7S transformou completamente a nossa abordagem para o transporte de carga pesada. Sua construção robusta e motor eficiente o tornam uma escolha ideal para o transporte de grandes cargas. Descobrimos que ele é extremamente confiável para nossas necessidades logísticas, oferecendo um desempenho consistente sob várias condições.

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