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Howo Tractor 6×4

Howo Tractor 6×4

Our product line has been available since 2012, encompassing both new and used HOWO tractors, offering a variety of models and years to meet diverse needs.

Type: Our lineup includes configurations from 4×2 to 8×4, with horsepower ranging from 371 to 430. The series comprises HOWO-7, HOWO-A7, N7, NX, T7H, MAX, T7S, SITRAK, and HOHAN, catering to standard, lightweight, all-wheel drive, and mining requirements, compatible with #90 or #50 saddles.

Application: These tractors are ideal for both long and short hauls, suitable for transporting heavy-duty cargo, bulk goods, containers, and materials such as cement, food, and oil.

Product Details

ZZ4257V3847B1 Specification Configuration Parameter Table

Brand: Howo Strain: 7 Substrain: 7
Vehicle category: Medium and heavy trucks Vehicle use: Tractor Drive type: 6×4
Total mass (t): 25 Overall mass (kg): 9500 Wheelbase (mm): 3825
Vehicle length (mm): 7400 Vehicle width (mm): 2550 Vehicle height (mm): 3125
Truck model: ZZ4257V3847B1
Engine: WP12.430E201 engine Engine power (Ps): 430 Emission level: Euro II
Cab: HW76 new front cab Transmission: HW19710 gearbox + HW70 flange pickup
Frame: partial triple (8+8+8/300) Front axle: VGD95 front axle Drive Axle: MCX16ZG Dual Rear Axle
Drive axle speed ratio: 4.803 Steering gear: Bosch steering gear Brake control system: ABS (4S/4M)
Bumper: High bumper (full metal) Fuel tank/gas cylinder: 600L+400L double fuel tanks
Tyres: 12.00R20 tyres (mixed tread/18PR)
Other configurations: Howo 7 6×4 tractor; heavy-duty transport; HW76 new front cab; WP12.430E201 engine; HW19710 transmission + HW70 flanged pickup; VGD95 front axle (drums); MCX16ZG double rear axle (drums); partial triple (8+8+8/300); front and rear reinforced multi-plate springs (9/12). Bosch steering wheel; standard exhaust system

system; ABS(4S/4M); high bumpers(full metal); main mechanical + secondary lightweight seats; speed ratio 4.803; road version intake system; front and rear reinforced wheels; 12.00R20 tyres(mixed tread/18PR); 90# saddles; split mudguards; 600L+400L dual fuel tanks; fire extinguisher; optional reversing buzzer; English and French instrument cluster; metal Bumper (with front and rear light protectors); air-conditioning, hot and cold; intercooler protector; and

☆Made to order: We can also customize truck specifications to meet your needs!

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